Night At The Races

Congrats to our latest Hall of Famers that were inducted on Saturday, March 4th, 2017!

- Jaunutis Pijus Nasvytis
- Edmundas Čapas

The following was a message from Jaunutis' Daughter, Aldona Satterthwaite, and Son, Vytas Nasvytis regarding their father's induction --


"Dear Mr. Titas,

My brother Vytas and I are delighted that our father, Jaunutis P. Nasvytis, is to be inducted in the Zaibas Hall of Fame. We are very proud of his vigorous activism in the realms of sports and culture and all things Lithuanian, beginning as a newly arrived immigrant in the late 1940s and spanning the rest of his life. Tete was tireless in his efforts to unify, energize and promote and the Lithuanian community in Cleveland and farther afield. A gifted athlete himself, he was also a leading light in firmly establishing Zaibas in the postwar years, and as children, both my brother and I participated in various Zaibas activities (I was not a particularly talented athlete, but my brother was a table tennis champion). 

Perhaps you are aware that our father was also president of SALFASS (LAUNA) between 1961 and 1965? In addition, our father, along with Kestutis Sukys, in 1949 founded the Lithuanian radio hour in Cleveland, “Tevynes Garsai” and was a member of both Ciurlionis Ansamblis and the Vyru Oktetas (he had a beautiful baritone voice).

In fact, my brother and I fondly dubbed him our family's “professional Lithuanian” for his ceaseless work on various committees, his speeches and fundraising efforts to promote the Lithuanian community, and, along with his brother, Algirdas, his work on behalf of the Lithuanian Foundation, "Lietuviu Fondas," and other organizations both in Cleveland and farther afield.

So we are very pleased that, some 18 1/2 years after his passing, he is being honoured in this way by Zaibas. Thank you, it is so good to know that he has not been forgotten. 

Again, my brother and I thank you for this significant honour for our father, and wish you and Zaibas a very successful evening. 


Aldona Nasvytyte Satterthwaite & Vytas Nasvytis"

If you have nominees for future Hall of Fame inductees, the Zaibas Board is always looking for background on those that have provided significant impact to the organization over the years.  Please forward that information to