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Žaibas is a non-profit sports organization offering an outlet for Northeast Ohio area residents with lineage or interest in Lithuanian heritage to compete in a variety of sports globally.

Our goal is to continue the Lithuanian tradition of competition and athletics in Northeast Ohio.

The Lithuanian Athletic Club Cleveland Žaibas would like to invite all children of Lithuanian descent and friends of our heritage to join the organization. Each year our club competes in a variety of athletic activities. Our largest event is the annual junior basketball tournament generally held in the late spring. Žaibas has over 100 currently active members from all ages representing the Lithuanian community of Greater Cleveland.
Approximately 500 participants representing 40 teams participate in these junior tournaments. Žaibas has competed against clubs from Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Detroit, Toronto, and other international locations. If you or someone you know of in the Greater Cleveland area who may be interested in playing in this tournament or other athletics please contact us for further information.
The board of Cleveland Žaibas offers its gratitude to our sponsors, volunteers, and coaches for their ongoing support of our club and traditions.


Lithuanian Athletic Club

Thanks Lietuvių Fondas for your 2015 Grant


11014 Cardinal Lane
Brecksville, OH



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