May 05, 2018

Zaibas Practices the next two weeks -- PLEASE READ

Parents - For the next two weeks practices will be as follows.

Girls D,E - 1-2pm in the small gym - Girls born 2006-2009. Unfortunately, we will not have a Girls B or C team this year in Detroit.

Boys D and E - 1-2pm in the large gym - Boys born 2006-2009. We will have both a Boys D and Boys E team in Detroit.

Molecules - 2-3 in the small gym - Boys and Girls born 2010 and later.  

Boys B and C - 2-3 in the large gym - Boys born 2002-2007.  Will will have both a Boys B and Boys C team in Detroit.  

If you have not registered yet, please register at by clicking on the 'Register Now' button on the home page.

Most families are staying at the Springhill Suites in Southfiled, MI.  Our room block is closed but rooms are still available for the same price if you use AAA.

See ya tomorrow!!! Zaiiiiiibas!!!